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Local Search Marketing is Exploding

Consumer needs and habits are creating strong growing demand for local search results via the major search engines.  And, the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets only adds to the “instant” get-it-now information people seek and expect. There are nearly 3 billion (yes, “billion”) local searches every month. Two-thirds of all Americans use the internet to find local businesses (Comscore).  Please continue reading.

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The Power of “Now”– The Hidden Secret of Local Search Ranking

Let’s never lose site of the main goals of any good marketing: Engage and convert. By focusing upon a user’s search query, Local SEO opens the door to convert user intent (the intention of their search) into a sale. To be perfectly blunt, for all the time I’ve spent comprehending the fine points of Local search marketing, I’m stunned that the temporal advantage of Local SEO…. Please continue reading.

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Just The Facts

According to a press release from Google “the percentage of local searches is “20%” of all internet searches. This number is significantly higher than comScore’s estimate of 11-12%. And, to put it all in perspective there are 2.8 billion (yes, that’s billion) local queries on Google each month.

Local Search Revenue was $5.12 billion in 2010.  It is projected to exceed $8 billion by 2015. (BIA/Kelsey) Please continue reading…

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